Phase 1

I am currently available for twilight, and daylight external shoots. Many people have their gardens looking beautiful at the moment, making it a great time to get external photographs done.

I will not enter your house and all conversation about setup and timings can be done by phone and video conference prior to the shoot.

Phase 2

From Phase 2, currently expected on the 18th June, I will be available for internal shoots, & taking the following precautions.

Covid 19 precautions on site

1) I will cancel the job if I experience any Covid symptoms, and ask that you do the same.
2) While on site at your property I will wear a mask and gloves.
3) I will use disinfecting wipes on any surfaces or items that I need to touch, but will endeavour to touch as little as possible. I have compiled a list of the things that I commonly do during a shoot. It's available here for you to read and decide which you would rather do yourselves to minimise my contact with your things.

On the day

I will call you before the job to confirm that I have not experienced symptoms, & the same for anyone at your property.

Maintaining social distancing.

It's the nature of the beast that I am alone in a room while photographing it, but it's not uncommon to chat between rooms. For the time being I ask that we talk before and after the shoot, ideally outside, and that while the shoot takes place we are not in the same room.

I have adhered closely to government guidelines throughout lockdown and will continue to do so, so present a low risk of cross infection.